Aldi Reviewer: Aldi Doesn’t Play the Sales Game. I Love This.

One of Aldi’s advertising slogans is: “No coupons. No confusing sales. No problem.” I appreciate this fact about my favorite discount grocery store. I don’t have to plan my menu or my shopping trip around what’s on sale because I know that Aldi has everyday low prices. I talk about this in one of my recent feature pieces for the blog Aldi Reviewer, which you can read here.

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  1. Len Mullen

    Two of the grocers I shop have coupons and loyalty programs. Two do not. The two that do, use digital coupons, so I can browse and clip at home then the coupons are automatically applied at checkout. When preparing my shopping list, I consider product quality and price. Price is after coupons. I do not consider rewards, but all things being equal, the store with a loyalty program wins my business. I disagree about not playing the sale game, though. Aldis’ prices are very fluid and they feature discounted prices in a circular. That sounds like a sale to me. Last week Aldis featured $1.99 blueberries in their circular. This week they are not in the flyer. Chicken, brisket, rib roast, and salmon prices fluctuate. Often a discount is announced with a ‘discount taken at register’ sign. I do review the Aldis sales circular when planning my weekly shopping spree.

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